Love Note: Hannah & Taylor

April 09, 2019 4 min read

Hannah & Taylor Engagement Story

To make a cake, you start with separate ingredients that are essential for accomplishing the recipe. You stir them into a mix that turns into a sweet treat you can savor. I often wonder who first thought to combine all of those ingredients and then BAKE them to make a cake. It turns out, that person made something magical that my mother and I are forever grateful for!

Great relationships are much like recipes. When you find all the right measurements of ingredients, you want to share it with your friends so they can take delight and happiness in the same experience. Hannah & Taylor have one of those relationships.

Hannah grew up in Amarillo, Texas, and Taylor was raised in White Deer, Texas. They first met back in 2012 at a mutual friend's son's birthday party. As soon as Hannah walked into the room, she spotted Taylor casually lounging in a recliner. Hannah was instantly drawn to his ice-blue eyes and wanted to know who he was. Taylor remembers Hannah confidently strolling into the room with her long jet black hair, black eyeliner, and black shirt. From that night, Hannah realized Taylor was the one for her.

Taylor and Hannah's first date didn't go as they had imagined. Taylor drove into town during the work week to pick Hannah up. Originally they planned on enjoying a dinner out at The Big Texan but somehow couldn't locate the restaurant. Hannah & Taylor still scored a steak dinner that night, just at Texas Roadhouse instead.

From playing pranks on each other to enjoying the outdoors, Hannah and Taylor love that they each have playful child-like spirits. Hannah admires that they both love the Lord and share the same values on all worldly views. Taylor appreciates that Hannah can read his mind just by a look. Even though many would say Taylor & Hannah's personalities are so similar, their different preferences on style, organization, and hobbies whip up a love recipe full of flavor.

Hannah and Taylor Engagement Story

I remember meeting Hannah with her sisters for the first time at our Wolflin Square Open House. Her radiant smile & bright eyes greeted me in a sea of people. I specifically recall her stating how much she loves emeralds as she held an emerald & diamond band.

When Hannah & Taylor came back to our store to ask about rings, they wished for an engagement ring that wasn't so traditional. I adore that both Taylor & Hannah wanted a ring uniquely theirs. The couple desired their center stone to be a vivid green emerald instead of a diamond. Their favorite part of their engagement ring is that they were able to create and build the ring from scratch-representing both of them. Since they had been together for so long, Taylor wanted to include Hannah in the design process to make sure that she absolutely loved her ring.

Hannah knew that the proposal was coming soon since she had a hand in the whole process, but wasn't sure on how long the customizations would take. During spring break, Hannah and Taylor planned a trip to one of their favorite spots, the Oklahoma City Zoo & Bricktown. She felt like the weekend getaway would be an ideal proposal, so she danced around the topic with questions such as "Has the ring still not come in?" Taylor made sure to throw her off of his plan by telling her, "No, there was an issue with the stones fitting, so it had to be sent back." Hannah believed him and was crushed by the news.

Never the less, their weekend trip came, and they drove straight to the zoo on that Friday. Hannah & Taylor meandered around the OKC zoo, collecting the "Mold-a-Matic" souvenirs wax figures from the different exhibits. They almost got to see all the animals before it was time to start making their way to the exits. As a tradition on their way out, they went to the photo booth to document their visit. BUT the machine wouldn't accept their card. Hannah was determined to get their photos, so she went into the gift shop to use the ATM.

They FINALLY were able to climb into the booth after waiting in line again. Hannah told Taylor to smile for the 1st, strike a funny face for the 2nd, kiss for the 3rd, and hold up all of their souvenirs for the 4th. As she was preparing for the first photo by watching the countdown on the screen, Taylor said something that grabbed her attention. Hannah looked at him and noticed Taylor holding the ring of her dreams. And of course, she said YES!

emerald and diamond engagement ring

Custom Emerald Engagement Ring

The photo booth pictures couldn't have turned out more priceless! Each frame captured the reaction of Hannah when unconditional love took on a real, tangible meaning.

  • 1st Hannah starting to understand what was happening and seeing her ring
  • 2nd Hannah overjoyed with tears (MY PERSONAL FAVORITE ONE.. IT'S SO SWEET)
  • 3rd Taylor putting the ring on Hannah's finger
  • 4th Celebrating the happy engagement!

Engagement Photobooth proposal

Photobooth Proposal
Photobooth proposal Hannah and Taylor
Photobooth Proposal Amarillo Texas

Like those ingredients that make up a cake, Hannah & Taylor are noteworthy on their own but combined they are exemplary. God created a special recipe of love with Hannah & Taylor. Each of them adds unique ingredients to their recipe: 2 hearts full of love, 2 cups of kindness, 2 cups of joy, a tablespoon friendship- Stirred daily with happiness, humor, and patience and served with warmth and gentleness, respect and loyalty to make a great recipe for love.

Recipe for love

Hannah & Taylor, we are all overjoyed for both of you. I am eager to see what God is cooking up for yall's journey together. Whatever it might be, it's filled with overflowing love. 


"God created your soul with a capacity for loving - so much so that you cannot live without love. Indeed love is your food." -Catherine of Siena


With love,

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