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February 11, 2020 3 min read 2 Comments

Dance is a language everyone understands.
It doesn't need any words.
There is something so mesmerizing when two people complement each other's movements, acting as an extension of one another. They anticipate their partner's steps and work together to find a steady rhythm. And then magic happens. The world around fades away until nothing is left but each other dancing to the beats of their hearts.


The lights dim. The country band begins strumming their instruments, filling the room with a captivating melody.

You sway back and forth to the beat, humming every note. Feeling a tap on your shoulder, you turn around.

"Would you like to dance?"

With a sparkle in your eye, you grab their hand, and beeline to the dance floor. Melting into each other's grip, you float across the floor until the song drifts away.

This is how Catherine & Matt's love story started.

"Love is friendship set to music" - Joseph Campbell.

Catherine grew up in Amarillo, Texas, and Matt came from the small Texas town of Farwell. They first met spinning on the dance floor in 2012 at Midnight Rodeo's College Night. Every Thursday night, they would reunite on the wooden dance floor. However, their first official date wasn't until 2019 when they enjoyed a romantic dinner together at Ember's Steakhouse. From that moment, Matt knew deep down that Catherine was meant to be his partner in life.

One of Catherine's favorite things about Matt is how he adopted her family as his own. He loves and cares for them. He chooses to embrace them with fully present, intentional love.

Matt has two favorite things about Catherine. Her joy & excitement. Catherine's joy is contagious. She gets excited about every single day and brings her best to the table with all her energy.
Catherine & Matt Engagement on the San Antonio Boardwalk
Diamond Cushion Halo Engagement Ring
Matt came to Victoria Jones Jewelry and was excited to work with a local jeweler in Amarillo. During the ring process, Matt didn't give away the bride-to-be's name. He picked out a refined cushion-cut diamond surrounded by a glistening halo of diamonds continuing their sparkle down the shank. He knew Catherine would love all of the shine.

The day came when the ring was ready for Matt. He revealed his plan to propose and Catherine's name. Catherine's parents are family friends of Vicki's, making this engagement ring that much sweeter for us to be a part of.
Catherine & Matt proposal in tulip field
Matt & Catherine booked a weekend away with friends in San Antonio, Texas. Catherine, being the planner that she is, had an idea to visit a tulip farm as one of their stops on their weekend getaway. She wanted to pick a bouquet for Matt's family since his late grandmother loved flowers. They strolled through the field of tulips, trying to find a picture-perfect spot to send a photo to Matt's mother. As Catherine is getting ready for the picture, Matt drops to one knee and pulls out the halo diamond ring. Catherine, in shock, fell to his level crying happy tears. Of course, Catherine said YES!

When you find your dance partner for life, magic happens. You become harmonized, learn together, live in the moment, and dance to the beat of each other's hearts. Matt & Catherine found love that sets their souls to music.
Catherine & Matt, we're ecstatic for both of you. I am eager to see what melody God has orchestrated for yall's song together. Whatever tune, it's woven with an everlasting love.

"And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony." - Colossians 3:14

With love,

2 Responses


July 02, 2020

Hi Kay! I couldn’t agree more. Such a sweet story involving two precious people! Thanks for reading and commenting.


July 02, 2020

That is just perfect! Brought tears to my eyes! Best wishes!!

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