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    You might cringe at this word, or you might fully embrace it. However, Heraclitus said it best "The only constant in life is change." No matter the type of change-- the world throws a curve ball your way, you expect it like the weather, or you choose it--they all require planning, dedication, and vulnerability. But the thing I love about change the most is it requires a greater love.

    Walking into a new gym in a new city can be intimidating, but Kirsty embraced the challenge, excited about her new opportunities in Kansas City. She confidently strolled into Prairie Life Fitness and glanced at the personal trainers' photos on the wall. Jokingly to her friend, Kirsty pointed to Anthony's photo and proclaimed, "There's my future husband."

    Kirsty didn't know that those 4 words would become a reality. Anthony and Kirsty's lives would be changed for the better.

    Anthony first noticed Kirsty at 5:15 am on the top floor of the gym with one of her friends. Unlike most, Kirsty bubbled with energy during the early morning workout filling the gym with life. That spark drew Anthony in like a moth to a flame. Little did he know, she was like that ALL the time- day or night. Buzzing with life. Outgoing. Enthusiastic. Something he adores about Kirsty now.

    When Kirsty finally spotted Anthony at the gym, she suddenly felt shy and even nervous. Two emotions that were unfamiliar to her, especially around people. After a few months of catching each other's attention, Anthony, at last, asked Kirsty to join him at his favorite restaurant downtown, the Vietnamese cafe. Kirsty beamed with joy during their lunch date, longing for time to stand still.

    Over the next three years, Kirsty and Anthony became inseparable. Savoring the little moments, spontaneous dance parties, and cold margaritas.

    "Where your pleasure is, there is your treasure. Where your treasure is, there is your heart. Where your heart is, there is your happiness." - St. Augustine

    Kirsty & Anthony Kansas City
    The moment Anthony recalls he knew he would marry Kirsty was when they were in her apartment. The sun shined through her floor to ceiling windows, and just as a ray of light touch her face, Anthony thought, "these are the eyes I will look at forever."

    Kirsty remembers her prayers for her future husband being answered Memorial Day weekend, shortly after they met. It was a typical rainy Memorial Day, and Kirsty & Anthony spent their time enjoying each other's company- relaxing, watching movies, and eating delicious food. To most, this would be just an ordinary weekend, but for Kirsty, she could feel a wave of happiness flood over her heart. She was thankful for God's perfect timing of bringing Anthony into her life.

    Anthony's favorite thing about Kirsty is well.... Kirsty. When you add together her personality, big heart, realness, and compassion, her beauty illuminates the room. Her smile is contagious, and her drive to accomplish her goals is unmatched. Anthony loves that she can make decisions on the fly but still leans on him for help. He feels complete with Kirsty by his side.

    Kirsty's favorite thing is how Anthony can brighten a room. He makes everyone feel welcomed with joy. She loves his determination, work ethic, and confidence. He thinks things through before acting and inspires patience in Kirsty.

    When Anthony first reached out to me about a ring, I knew just what Kirsty wanted. Her bold personality needed a ring that blended simplicity and style. He decided on a pear-shaped engagement ring with a dainty diamond-accented band. The pear shape unites tradition and brilliance, making this cut perfect for a bride who is drawn to adventure and a love of elegance.

    Anthony devised a plan to propose to Kirsty on a trip to Costa Rica with friends. Kirsty's favorite place. Worried about the secret ring being discovered in his carryon, Anthony navigated his way through airport security. His nerves started to settle right after boarding their flight. All of Kirsty's best friends were in on the surprise and succeeded in making the proposal even MORE unforgettable.

    When they arrived at their destination, Anthony told Kirsty to get ready for a welcome dinner at the beach club. Her friends made sure Kirsty looked amazing without giving away the surprise. Anthony used Kirsty's love for capturing sweet memories to his advantage for the perfect proposal moment. He asked to take a photo to commemorate their first night in Costa Rica. When Kirsty slipped out of the room, Anthony placed the ring carefully in his pant pocket, concealing its contents.

    Once outside, Anthony & Kirsty stood back to back, giving Anthony the exact amount of time needed to pull out the engagement ring. Simultaneously one of their friends started to play their song "Paradise" by Bazzi, cueing Kirsty's natural reaction to turn around looking for Anthony's gaze.

    At sunset in front of the most breathtaking ocean views and surrounded by friends, Anthony dropped to his knee and asked Kirsty to be his wife. With the whirlwind of emotions, Kirsty treasures Anthony saying, "you know I want to be with you forever, right?"

    Anthony's most cherished recollection was the pure joy on Kirsty's face when she realized what was happening. Witnessing the genuine happiness, delight, and love when he presented the ring is something he will never forget. That moment the pear solitaire ring brought to them is Anthony's favorite thing about their engagement ring.

    Kirsty & Anthony's champagne moment was filled with kisses, hugs, and tears.

    Champagne and Pear Shaped Solitaire Engagement ring from Victoria Jones Jewelry
    When you find your life-changing person, things will never be the same.You learn together, take nothing for granted, and feel grounded in chaos. Kirsty & Anthony found life-changing love. Growing sweeter and kinder in the process.

    Kirsty & Anthony, we're giddy with sheer bliss for both of you. I am eager to see what God has planned for yall's new season of life together. Whatever changes come, it's created by a greater love.

    "May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed." - Psalm 20:4

    With love,
    Special thanks to Kymberly Janelle Photography for the amazing photos! Contact Kymberly at:
    Instagram for kymberlyjanellephoto  Instagram website for kymberlyjanellephotography Websiteemail kymberlyjanellephoto Email

    2 Responses


    September 22, 2020

    Hi Kymberly!! They are the sweetest!! Their wedding will definitely be one for the books! Can’t wait to see all the beautiful photos!

    Kymberly Janelle
    Kymberly Janelle

    September 22, 2020

    They are seriously just the absolute cutest. Cannot wait for their wedding in CABO!!

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