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    There is a first for everything we do.

    The first day of school, your first friend, your first day of work and your first love. Imagine walking down the halls of your middle school with your first crush. Your heart skips a beat, your palms get sweaty, your stomach has butterflies, and your communication skills fly out the window. There is something so innocent and pure about your first love. That is how Eden & Ethan's story began, in the halls of middle school.

    Ethan's first memory of Eden was when they were 12 years old at a church event at Lake Tanglewood. Puppy love hit Ethan hard, and he immediately had a massive crush on Eden. And like how all young middle school crushes start, Eden ignored Ethan all day.
    Eden remembers one of the first memories when they were 13 on a bus en route to summer camp at Kanakuk. It was about 2am, and Ethan, wearing awful Texas Longhorn pj's, blocked the aisle, refusing to let Eden by without the password. Eden thought "If this boy asks me what the password is one more time, I'm tackling him." Little did Eden realize that was Ethan's attempt at flirting.

    I have had the privilege to know both Eden & Ethan since high school and witnessed their relationship blossom since then. Since junior year, Eden was my volleyball roommate/cuddle buddy, and Ethan came to as many games as he could to be one of Eden's biggest cheerleaders in the stands. When they went off to college, their relationship took a pause. Eden focused on playing volleyball for the University of Oklahoma, and Ethan went on to study at Oklahoma State.

    It hit them hard, that even over time, when you see your first love again, somehow, the feeling did not change. July 4, 2016 was when they both knew they were meant to be together for the rest of their lives. After years of not seeing or talking to one another, Eden & Ethan finally ran into each other, thanks to a friend who purposefully failed to mention that both were invited. Eden's stomach suddenly dropped when spotting Ethan from across the room, flooding her heart with old feelings. Ethan had pterodactyls, not butterflies, flying in his stomach when he caught sight of Eden wearing no-makeup and a Rangers Jersey.

    Ethan's favorite thing about Eden is how competitive and driven she is. Even though their competitive drive can lead to them not backing down on what they want, their values are always aligned. Ethan's big heart and loyalty to people he cares about are Eden's favorite qualities about Ethan. They have many differences, such as their choice in music, TV shows, and colleges, but through it all, God gave them a connection that makes them feel at peace.

    Ethan came to me about Eden's ring, and I couldn't help but be overjoyed for these two sweet friends of mine. Ethan picked out a divine oval diamond solitaire ring with cascading diamonds down the shank. He planned a pristine proposal for Eden. Eden's favorite time of year is winter and Ethan knew that proposing in the snow with family around was just the way to start their new journey together. On New Year's Eve, Ethan dropped down on one knee in the middle of a ski slop. The spontaneous and raw moment is something Eden will always treasure. Eden's smile was one that Ethan had never seen before, and it is now his new favorite look from Eden.
    Eden Williams & Ethan Walker Proposal
    Eden & Ethan Overjoyed Engagement
    Eden & Ethan's love has taken on many forms over the years. Their love is much like their diamond, multi-faceted, beautiful in the sun's light or overcast snowy clouds. In July 2016, their romance came upon them like an unexpected lightning bolt, that lit up the rest of their lives. But it has been slowly building over time becoming real and supportive and genuine.
    Oval Diamond Engagement Ring
    Ethan & Eden Engagement Story
    God has had a perfect timing plan for them since the age of 12. From their first date at sonic with Ethan's mom as their chauffeur to planning their dream wedding in Colorado, God has led them to their destination with each other. Their steadfast love reflects the joys of young affection, revives your hope in true love, and sustains your spirit.

    Eden & Ethan, I am sure everyone will join me and say FINALLY! We are so excited to celebrate yall's love and to see the infinite possibilities God has in store for both of you.
    "Faith makes all things possible... Love makes all things easy." -Dwight L. Moody

    With Love,

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