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    It's always nice to see growth from the seeds you planted, isn't it? Seeds that take root and turn into the plant they're intended to be, all because of the nurturing, care, and time you gave. Just like plants, love requires nurturing and nourishment to grow and thrive, blossoming into a beautiful outcome. As time passes, love grows more branches and sprouts more flowers, with roots that ground us on our journey through life.

    "To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow"
    -- Audrey Hepburn

    Emily & Will planted their first seeds together in May 2020, sprouting a love that would bloom forever.

    Emily grew up in Hereford, Texas, while Will was raised in Pilot Point, Texas.

    During the pandemic, Emily came home from College Station and decided to take a chance on Tinder. Will & Emily swiped right on each other, planning their first date at Fuzzy's. At the time, it was the only restaurant open in Amarillo. Needless to say, Will swept Emily off her feet with their first date because he was her first and ONLY date on the app. She downloaded Tinder for one day and deleted it after their date.

    Once Emily knew Covid wasn't going away, she decided to stick around Hereford to be with her family and budding new relationship. 

    The second time they hung out, Emily drove to Panhandle to ride around with Will while he planted cotton. Both come from agricultural backgrounds, which has become their relationship's foundation. And from that moment on, they've been riding in farm equipment together ever since!

    Emily & Will Texas Panhandle Sunset

    For over 2 years, Will & Emily farmed seeds of purpose, love, and respect. Both Emily & Will knew love had taken root between them, and a life together was blooming after helping with Emily's family during harvest.

    Will had a hard time choosing his favorite thing about Emily. He loves her drive and motivation that never fades and her passion for everything she is involved in. He appreciates how Emily is reassuring and understanding. She radiates like the sun, brightening his worst days. He genuinely wouldn't know what to do without her.

    Emily's favorite thing about Will is his kindness and how he is incredibly supportive. Will never lets Emily go a day without telling her she is beautiful.

    When Will and Emily first came to Victoria Jones Jewelry to shop for their ring, they were torn between 3 different diamond shapes-- a radiant, cushion, and marquise. Emily wanted the final shape to be a surprise from Will. No matter what shape her diamond was, as long as it came from Will, she would treasure it forever.

    Will decided on an elongated cushion-shaped diamond engagement ring set on a wide gold band. The cushion shape combines the modern brilliant cut faceting of the round cut and the tradition of the old mine cut, making this shape perfect for a bride drawn to sparkle and a love of elegance.

    Emily and will Radiant Engagement Ring

    With the ring in hand, Will cultivated a plan to propose. His top priority was to ensure the proposal's location was somewhere sentimental to them. He knew just the place!

    Will dropped a knee at Emily's family ranch that had been passed down from generation to generation for almost 100 years. Completely caught by surprise, Emily said YES!

    When you find your other half, life flourishes. You plant smiles, grow laughter, and harvest love. Will & Emily found love that reaps a harvest of joy.

    Emily & Will, we're beyond thrilled for both of you. I'm excited to see what plants God will grow in y'alls garden together. Just know, love will blossom every place He plants y'alls feet. 

    Ephesians 3:17 "I pray that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; and that you, being rooted and grounded in love."

    With love,

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