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  • 4 min read

    The whistle blows.
    "Back on the line." We hustled back to the starting line, not knowing what caused our conditioning interruption. "Everyone's foot must touch the line, or you'll start over. The details matter." My college strength coach wasn't wrong.

    The details matter.
    Life happens in the details—the day-to-day.
    Embedded with memories, time, and effort.
    Igniting chain reactions.
    Reminding us of why.
    The little things mean a lot.
    We fall in love in the details.

    Erika & Uriel's details are some of my favorite to tell. Not only because I've known Erika and her family since I was 10, but because of the genuine love they share. You can see their love in the small things. From the looks exchanged to sweetly spoken words.

    "Accustom yourself continually to make many acts of love, for they rekindle and melt the soul" - Teresa of Avila

    Erika and Uriel Engagement

    Erika grew up in Amarillo, Texas, while Uriel was raised in Booker, Texas-- a small town in the northeast corner of the panhandle.

    They first met while attending class at Amarillo College. Erika walked into the college gym, where Uriel worked at the front desk. He immediately felt a pull towards her. While Erika checked in, Uriel told her that she looked familiar, and without skipping a beat, she said, "People tell me that I look like Beyoncé." Erika's quick wit set the hook into Uriel's heart. Luckily for Uriel, they would share a music appreciation class the following semester together.

    During their first month of class together, Uriel became very persistent in pursuing Erika's attention. Uriel's kind heart finally won her over. Erika caved and said yes when Uriel asked Erika on their first date. On Valentine's day, Uriel took Erika to Buffalo Wild Wings. Nervously trying to impress her, Uriel knocked over his water. Thankfully only ice was left in the glass! After a year of dating, they took some time apart but rekindled their love soon after.

    Falling for each other became inevitable. Erika & Uriel treasured every facet of their lives they shared. Upholding strong values.

    The moment Uriel knew he couldn't let Erika slip away was in their college class. He sat in the back of the room, and Erika, being a good student, sat more towards the front. They had a class presentation due, and it was Erika's turn to present. She stood behind the podium, barely looking over it, and began by saying, "Hi, my name is Erika. Sorry for sounding like a man right now; I'm still a little sick." Uriel emailed her afterward to tell her she didn't sound like a man.

    Erika's love for Uriel blossomed over time with an array of experiences that created warm memories. She knew he was a gem with his attentiveness and chivalry. He is dependable and responsible. The world became so easy with him.

    Erika appreciates his sense of humor, making her hysterically laugh until tears fall from her eyes. She cherishes Uriel's loyalty not only to his family but also to his friends, bending over backwards for those who need him. Uriel adores Erika's devotion to God, guiding him on the path for Christ with her faithful heart and warm spirit. Erika is the first woman to show Uriel the true meaning of love. Unconditional love.

    When Uriel came to Victoria Jones Jewelry for a ring, to say we were thrilled is an understatement. Everyone would say it is a great joy to know Erika. But one of my greatest honors is to call her family.

    Diamond Emerald Engagement Ring
    diamond emerald halo engagement ring
    Diamond Emerald Engagement Ring

    Uriel decided on a ring that describes Erika with every beautiful detail composing the design. The timeless emerald-cut diamond everlastingly shines like her beauty. The halo and cascading round diamonds down the shank hold her finer qualities that intensify her true beauty.

    Leading up to the proposal, Uriel was constantly asked, "Are you nervous?" Honestly, Uriel could say he wasn't in the slightest because he knew that he had found his person, and Erika felt the same for him. Uriel knew that she would say yes.

    Uriel planned their romantic proposal like a living dream with surprise, along with the breathtaking scene wrapping around them. Uriel blindfolded Erika on the ride to their destination. When helping her out of the car, Uriel revealed the walkway. Twinkling lights, candles, flowers, and photos covered the bridge looking over the pond. Once Erika reached the table at the end of the bridge that held their photos, she turned around to see Uriel drop to one knee.

    In that sweet moment, it was just the two of them-- Erika's favorite part. Of course, her answer was yes!

    And the best part, Uriel captured it all with pictures and video! Uriel will always cherish seeing her face glow with happiness on that day.

    After the proposal, the newly engaged couple gathered with both of their families for dinner. With family holding an essential role in each of their lives, Uriel wanted to bring them together to celebrate. A unifying detail to a special day.

    Erika & Uriel, God delights in the details of yall's love. He knows every turn y'all will take together. I pray y'all get swept away by the beauty of the little things. We can't wait to see what detailed masterpiece He created. Whatever delicate details He makes, it's woven with unconditional love.

    "The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives." -Psalm 37:23

    With love,

    Special thanks to Carter Perky Photography & Yellow Light Productions for the amazing photos and videos.

    Interested in their services? Contact them here:
    Carter Perky Photography
    Yellow Light Productions

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