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Michelle & Bryce Back Porch Engagement Amarillo, Tx

Love Note: Michelle & Bryce

by Victoria Monk 4 min read

Michelle & Bryce have made their foundation on solid ground. God built a special house of love with Michelle & Bryce. Each nail hammered with respect and loyalty. Each brick laid with happiness, humor, and patience. Each wall painted with warmth and gentleness. Turning their house into a home.
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Kirsty & Anthony Laughing Roof Top by Kymberly Janelle Photography

Love Note: Kirsty & Anthony

by Torri Monk 4 min read 2 Comments

At sunset in front of the most breathtaking ocean views and surrounded by friends, Anthony dropped to his knee and asked Kirsty to be his wife. When you find your life-changing person, things will never be the same. You learn together, take nothing for granted, and feel grounded in chaos. Kirsty & Anthony found life-changing love. Growing sweeter and kinder in the process.
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Catherine & Matt engagement story

Love Note: Catherine & Matt

by Torri Monk 3 min read 2 Comments

The lights dim. The country band begins strumming their instruments, filling the room with a captivating melody. You sway back and forth to the beat, humming every note. Feeling a tap on your shoulder, you turn around. "Would you like to dance?" With a sparkle in your eye, you grab their hand, and beeline to the dance floor. Melting into each other's grip, you float across the floor until the song drifts away. This is how Catherine & Matt's love story started.
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