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  • 4 min read

    My first guy friend at Baylor was Mike Hicks. I still remember to this day meeting Mike in the Baylor North Village parking garage. He pulled up in his Toyota Solara blaring his subs. When he got out of his car, he greeted me with a warm smile and a friendly "Hey, how are ya?". As a freshman in college, lost in the challenges of figuring out "adulthood" without mom & dad, Mike's genuine kindness from that first meeting has never left my memory.

    Over the course of 9 years, Mike's friendship has always been a constant to both my husband, Jerod and me. Mike was a not only a teammate but also a roommate with Jerod, which ultimately lead to groomsman/best friend status.

    I tell you all of this so that you understand how EXCITED I was when Mike first told us about a girl that he had met. I knew Mike was serious about her because he wanted to introduce her to our friend group on a long weekend trip to Rockport. THIS WAS HUGE! Our friend group is made up of 4 couples (now 5) that were all in each other's weddings, and all went to Baylor. To sum it up- we're really close.

    From the moment I met Lexi that weekend, I honestly knew Mike had found the missing piece to our group and someone who truly complimented him.

    Mike & Lexi grew up in cities around Waco that are about 20 miles apart, where everybody knew everyone. Even though they never met, Mike and Lexi knew of each other because they went to rival high schools. Fast-forward to a couple of years ago, when Mike met Lexi at George's Restaurant. Sidenote- if you have never been to George's in Waco, you need to. Grab yourself some crazy wings and a Big O from there sometime. Okay, back to the story- Mike was in town for the holidays from Tulsa, where he coached at the time. They had gone out to George's with mutual friends and ended up sitting altogether. Mike & Lexi were instantly drawn to each other and continued to grow their relationship ever since.

    From that night, Mike had an idea that she was the one for him. Lexi just had what he'd been searching for. Mike's favorite thing about Lexi is how sweet and kind she is. Lexi is willing to go above and beyond to make people happy. Mike loves her intelligence, beauty, and drive. He values how family oriented Lexi is too. But most importantly she is a Cowboy's fan.

    (just kidding... but it's still a plus!)

    Lexi had no doubt that Mike was the one she was going to spend the rest of her life with because during their long-distance relationship they completely trusted and were committed to each other. Lexi admires Mike's loyalty to the people he cares about.

    When Mike came to me about purchasing an engagement ring, I was so thankful he trusted me to keep his secret. Also, I was JUMPING FOR JOY for Lexi! Mike picked out a timeless white gold solitaire ring for Lexi that he knew she would love forever. I suggested having the ring box made from the Mrs. Box with her new initials for an extra special touch.

    Solitaire White Gold Engagement Ring
    Engagement Ring White Gold

    Operation engagement was in motion, and Mike was ready to see his plan come together. He had planned to ask Lexi after her graduation for her Master's degree. It couldn't have been better timing. With both of their families gathered around documenting with photos and video, Mike got down on one knee in the middle of the courtyard on campus. Picture perfect! Seeing the pure excitement and joy on Lexi's face is a memory Mike never will forget.
    Mike Proposing to Lexi
    Lexi cherishes how thoughtful Mike was on choosing that graduation day. She had worked so hard to obtain her Master's and didn't think that day could get any better. Boy was she wrong. She was completely surprised. The cherry on top was that her family had planned a graduation party for the next day that we were all coming in town for.
    Engaged Couple
    Lexi's favorite thing about her new diamond ring is the complete simplicity and beauty, which to her represents their relationship. She smiles every time she looks at her ring, and that is Mike's favorite part because he knows Lexi is happy.
    Round Solitaire Engagement Ring
    Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Ring

    Helping Mike & Lexi bottle up these moments into their very own time capsule that she can look down at every day is definitely one of the most rewarding memories for me. I feel honored to be a part of their journey together. Also, I want to thank Mike for finding another best friend for me! You've got yourself a keeper, Mike.
    Mike Hicks & Lexi Steensen Engagement
    Mike & Lexi are now planning a beach destination wedding, which I for one can't wait for! We're excited to shower Lexi & Mike with love and joy. Both of these sweet friends deserve the world. Cheers to new beginnings and welcome to the family Lexi!

    With Love,

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