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    Turquoise Nugget Necklace

    This two-toned turquoise necklace by Gurhan Jewelry will brighten your spirits when you need it! Crafted from sterling silver, turquoise, and kissed with 24k yellow gold, this handmade necklace is easy to wear and easy to love. Each bead resembles a tiny nugget of silver, gold, or turquoise and it's very irregularities give it an exciting natural twist.

    • Sterling Silver
    • Kissed with 24k Yellow Gold Plated
    • 1 Gold Nugget
    • 3 Turquoise Nuggets
    • 18" Length
    • Nugget Collection

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    handmade jewelry by Gurhan

    A Labor of Love

    Truly Handmade

    Meticulous, physical, time-consuming.  But how remarkable to know that your Gurhan jewelry is crafted from someone's hands into yours.