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  • Your search for a local jeweler ends here!

    One of our unique and rare services is having local experienced bench jewelers and watchmakers at our assistance.

    Say goodbye to...

    •Sending your precious accessories off to the manufacturer
    •Spending months waiting for their return
    •Not knowing exactly where your jewelry is located

    Say hello to...

    •FREE estimates before we do any work on your jewelry
    •Having your repairs returned to you promptly
    •Being able to talk directly with us and receive a status update

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Jewelry Repair

    A bench jeweler is a craftsman who uses a combination of skills to make and repair jewelry. The best part about having a bench jeweler at our disposal is that your precious jewelry is always accessible. Instead of sending broken jewelry back to the manufacturer for a minor repair that may take months to get back, we can fix the problem and return your favorite jewelry to you in no time. If you are to inquire about the status of your repair, we can check with our bench jeweler with ease. We will inform you of the progress made to reassure you and give you peace of mind. Our bench jeweler is a certified master jeweler who started his jewelry business career in 1981.

    Stone setting, Resizing rings, Re-tipping prongs, Casting, Wax carving, Engraving, Forging, Polishing, Electroplating, Soldering, and many more!

    Repair pricing varies based on the type of product, material, and gemstone. The cost of your repair is determined after an evaluation is made by one of our repair experts. When the evaluation is complete, we will send you a free estimate. Victoria Jones Jewelry offers complimentary repair pricing estimates for all products.

    To check the status of your repair, please get in touch with us at 806-418-2312 or email us at hello@victoriajonesjewelry.com. We're available 10:00AM-5:00PM CST Monday-Friday. If you leave a message after hours, we will contact you the next day.

    Watch Repair

    A watchmaker is a person who makes or repairs watches and clocks. They are called watchmakers because they must make their watch parts and even their tools from scratch. At Victoria Jones Jewelry, we have a watchmaker who can fix your watch without sending it off to the manufacturer. Our watchmaker has received the Certified Watchmaker 21 title from the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute board of examiners and certifications from Rolex and Breitling.

    Full mechanical watch overhauls, Batteries, Fixing broken stems, Replacing broken crystals, Repair falling off watch hands, Repair moisture damage, and more!