5-Strand Woven Gold Necklace

A striking statement necklace that will lure you into its captivating gleam. The 5-strand woven gold necklace, crafted by Piero Milano, was inspired by the sunsets on the sandy beaches of the GOA coastline, where the fine granulated sand, when kissed by the sun, reflects rays of light. A single 18k yellow gold thread specifically refined to reflect the right amount of light is wound up a thin titanium interior. Stationary diamond stations are scattered along each strand for an heirloom-worthy necklace.

  • 18k Yellow Gold
  • 0.63ctw Diamonds
  • 5 Strands
  • Longest Strand Hits 18" Length
  • Push Clasp
  • Safetly Latch
  • GOA Collection

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